How to Use an Umlaut on a Mac

By Contributor

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Fontographer (Macromedia)

  • PopChar Pro (Uni Software Plus)

  • Computer Fonts Software

Half of the Mac's character set can't be found on the keyboard. Here's how to create the umlaut-accented (¨) characters used in some Latin-based languages. This works for äÄ, ëË, ïÏ, öÖ, üÜ and ÿ'.

Press Option + u, and then press the letter you want accented.

For upper case, press Option + u, and then press Shift + the letter you want accented.


All of these characters can be found in, and inserted into your document from, the Key Caps desk accessory, which can be found in the Apple menu. Foreign language (non-Latin) fonts are available for purchase, as shareware or, in some cases, as freeware over the Internet.


Many of these accented ("high ASCII") characters are not compatible with e-mail.