How to Stop Automated Political Phone Calls

By Jason Van Steenwyk

The phone starts ringing every fall. Candidates running for office are desperate to get their messages out. And obnoxious as they are, automated campaign phone calls -- derisively named "robocalls" -- are a fact of life. The Federal Government recently implemented "do-not-call" regulations. These regulations allow you to prohibit a for-profit company from calling you to solicit new business, under the penalty of hefty fines. Those provisions do not apply to non-profits and most political campaign phone calls. A separate, voluntary database exists, however, which will take your request and forward it to the various political parties and political campaigns.

Visit the Stop Political Calls website at, a non-partisan, non-profit entity located in Washington, D.C.

Click on "Register for FREE now," currently highlighted in yellow in the central column.

Enter your personal information into the online form.

Enter the security code at the bottom of the page.

Repeat the process for each registered voter in your household.