How to Make Carwash Fund Raiser Tickets

by Marguerite LanceUpdated October 10, 2017
Peter Alexander Robb

Car washes are a popular means for small organizations, particularly youth organizations, to raise money. With a computer, Microsoft Word, an Internet connection and a little imagination, it's easy for the involved youth to make tickets to use for their car wash fundraiser.

Determine what you want your tickets to say, and what you want to use the tickets for. Do you want the tickets to be sold before the date of the car wash to be redeemed on site? Do you want to sell the tickets during the car wash to hold the customers' place in line?

Decide how you want the tickets to look. Do you want them to be simple and professional? Funky and whimsical? What shape do you want them to be?

Determine if you want to use a preexisting graphic on the tickets, or draw your own. If drawing your own image, make several samples of what your art might look like. Find preexisting graphics and clip art online (see Resources). Right-click on the image you want to use and click "Copy." "Paste" the image in a Microsoft Word document. If drawing your own image, scan it onto your computer and paste it into a Word document, as with clip art. Alternately, leave space to draw your image directly on each ticket.

Position the image on the Word document and type in the content for your ticket. Proofread your ticket to make sure you haven't made any mistakes.

If your tickets are moderately sized, print several on one page and cut the tickets apart. Copy and paste as many tickets as will fit on one page in Word.

Print out your tickets and add any additional art. Cut the tickets apart, if necessary.


Stickers, special pens and glitter can make your tickets stand out.

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