How to Block & Unblock Numbers from a Home Phone

By Nicole Ramage

Updated July 21, 2017


You are not required to provide a reason why you want to block your calls.


If you are using your phone for business purposes, it is against FCC regulations that you block your number. This applies to telemarketers. There is no way to know whether the person or business you are calling has caller identification. If you are having problems with telemarketers, per line blocking may be best for you. Call blocking does not work with pay phones.

Phone service companies must provide free call blocking according to FCC regulations
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According to FCC regulations, telephone companies are required by law to provide free call blocking and unblocking on home phone services. Whether you choose to block calls or show your number when calling people is up to you. There are two options you have when blocking your phone number. The first is a per line block that the phone company can activate when you sign up for your phone service. The other option is selective blocking which allows you to show your number only to select people.

Dial 82 before placing your phone call, if you have per line blocking. This will hide your caller ID if you want to place an anonymous call to someone. To unblock your number, dial 82 again.

Dial *67 if you have selective blocking. This will block your number for that particular call you are making. To unblock your phone, simply hang up and your next call will be unblocked.

Dial the number of the person you are trying to call. Your caller ID is now anonymous and cannot be traced except by law enforcement conducting investigations.