How to Use an Everstart Battery Charger

by Joseph Eitel

Having a dead car battery will obviously leave you immobile, but the frustration of the situation can also be overwhelming. Getting a "jump" from a fellow driver will provide your car with the charge it needs to get you home, but if you want to prevent the ordeal from happening again, you're going to have to charge your car battery fully. Thankfully, it's easy to do and requires little work on your part: If you know how to properly use an Everstart battery charger, you'll never get stranded again.

Unplug the charger and make sure the battery is not connected to the cables.

Connect the Everstart battery charger to the battery. The positive cable connects to the positive terminal, and the negative to the negative.

Set the charger to 12V by sliding the switch over to 12V.

Plug the charger into an 110V outlet. The charger will automatically shut down when the charge is complete.

Unplug the Everstart battery charger.

Remove the cables from the battery.


  • check If you have time, it is always best to set the charger for "slow charge" and let the battery charge overnight, as this is less damaging to the battery. Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling a car battery.


  • close If the battery is out of the car, place it on a wooden board or bench, and never on a concrete surface, to charge. Always locate your charger as far away from the battery as the cables will allow.

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