How to Transfer Recorded Shows When Replacing a DirecTV DVR

by Maya Austen

It seems like it should be possible to transfer recordings saved on one DirecTV DVR to another DirecTV DVR. After all, it is possible to connect an external hard drive to a DirecTV DVR to increase its recording space capacity. The problem is when a hard drive is disconnected from one DVR and you hook it up to another DVR, it is reformatted thus wiping out all of the saved recordings. You cannot transfer programs between DirecTV DVRs. If you are replacing your DirecTV DVR and you have recordings you want to save, you must archive the recordings on a VHS tape or DVD disc.

Hook Up a VCR or DVD Recorder to a DirecTV DVR


Connect one of the red AV cable to the red "Audio R" output jack on the rear panel of the DVR. Connect one end of the white AV cable to the white "Audio L" output jack. Connect one end of the yellow AV cable to the yellow "Video" output jack. Plug the other end of each cable into the matching colored AV input jack on the rear panel of the VCR or DVD recording device.


Use another set of AV cables to link the AV output jacks on the back of the VCR or DVD recording device to the color-corresponding AV input jacks on the TV set.


Switch on the TV, DVR and VCR or DVD recording device.


Using the "Input" button on your TV's remote control, change the TV's video input setting to AV. Using the "Input" or "Source" button on your VCR or DVD recorder's remote control, change the device's video input setting to AV.

Dub Recordings from DVR to VHS Tape or DVD Disc


Load a blank VHS tape into the VCR. Or load a blank DVD-R disc into the DVD recorder.


Continuously press the "Speed" or "Mode" button on the VCR or DVD recorder's remote control to set the device's recording speed to your preferred setting. Remember while slower speeds consume less tape and disc space, the slower the speed, the lower the quality of the video.


Push "List" on the DirecTV remote control to open the "My Play List" menu.

Use the arrow buttons on the remote to highlight the recording you want to transfer. Press "Select."


Press "Play" on the DirecTV remote. Press "Record" on the VCR or DVD recorder to start dubbing the recording from the DVR. Press "Stop" on the VCR or DVD recorder at the end of the program.


Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to dub another recording to the current tape or disc.


  • close If the program you are attempting to transfer to DVD disc is copy-protected the DVD recorder will display an error message indicating that the program cannot be copied to the disc.

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