How to Transfer Calls From One Cell to Another

by Mandy Slake

Sometimes you need to transfer your calls from one cell phone to another, such as when your phone's battery is about to die, or you don't have your original phone with you. You can transfer your future calls to a different cell phone using call forwarding, and transfer the call you are on using 3-way calling. Call forwarding will stay active until you disable it, while 3-way calling is only active for one call.

Transferring Future Calls

Dial "*72" on your cell phone to enable call forwarding.

Dial the number of the cell you want to forward the calls to.

Press the "Send" button and listen for a confirmation tone or message.

Turn off the forwarding by dialing "*73" and pressing "Send."

Transferring the Call You Are On Using 3-Way Calling

Press the "Send" button to put the first call on hold and open a new line.

Dial the number of your second cell phone and press "Send" to initiate the second call

Answer the call on the second cell phone.

Press "Send" on the first phone to join the three lines.


  • check If you don't have the phone you want to transfer calls from on hand, you can call your cellular carrier and have them enable call forwarding to your second cell phone.


  • close Some carriers use different codes to activate and deactivate call forwarding. For example, AT&T; uses "**21*" to activate call forwarding, and "#21#" to deactivate.