Ten Reasons Why a Kid Should Have a Cell Phone

by Bonnie Crowe

It’s hard to remember what we did without cell phones connecting us to our friends, family and the world at large. Many of us use them to chat and tweet our every given thought whenever we feel like it. We call and text each other regularly, letting a friend know we’re lost or running late. We remind a spouse to pick something up on the way home from work, and we check in on long-distance relatives while we’re stuck in traffic. Our kids are also part of the mix when it comes to cell phones. Grade-schoolers, tweens and teens all want a cell phone. If you’re on the fence about it, there are 10 solid reasons to justify getting your child a cell phone.


Both kids and parents are busy these days, and it makes sense for parents to be able to call their kids and let them know they’re running late when picking them up for school or activities. It also makes sense for children to be able to call their parents to tell them extra-curricular activities are running late or they will be late for dinner.


Earthquakes, fires, bad weather, traffic accidents – there are many things that can happen during the day after your children leave the house for school. Cell phones are a lifeline between a parent and their children, and cell phones also can be used to call emergency responders.


If your child needs to get in touch with you because they’re running late, or they decide to go to a movie at the mall, there are few pay phones left for them to use to call you.


A cell phone gives your child a way to be more responsible and let you know if they’re going to be late. Cell phones are also important for teenagers, who could find themselves at a party without a sober ride home and need to call you to pick them up.


Cell phones aren’t cheap. Giving your child a cell phone tells him that you trust him with something of value. You are also telling your child that you are trusting him to use his allocated minutes wisely.


When parents are divorced, a cell phone is a good way for a child to keep in contact with both parents at all times, and it gives the parent who does not live in the same home as the child a good opportunity to stay involved.

Extended Family & Military Families

Cell phones are a good incentive for kids to keep in contact with long-distance relatives, like grandparents or aunts and uncles. Cell phones also enable kids to keep in touch with a parent who is overseas in the military, and who may have limited times when they can connect with a phone call.


Cell phones now come with many fun, inexpensive games that kids can play with to keep them busy while waiting in long lines or for a doctor or dentist appointment.


Cell phones come with alarms, note-taking applications and all kinds of apps that will help keep your child organized and remind them of their next test or homework assignment.

Social Communications

Cell phones are deeply woven into our social fabric. Teens use social media to text, tweet or post their feelings, detail their likes and dislikes, and basically help them feel connected to their peers and the world around them.

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