How to Find a Saved Scanned Document

by Zachariah C. Miller

When scanning a document into a computer with a scanner, a name is assigned to the newly created document. This file name is either a number or a default file name string with a number added on the end to prevent file duplication or overwriting. Sometimes when you scan a document, you can't find it in My Documents or any logical folder. There are several steps to take to easily locate the lost document.

Find out what format you are scanning into. Usually, this will be PDF or Word document format. Use your computer's search tool to search for either "*.pdf" or "*.doc" files. Look for file names that look odd, such as "document1189" or something like that. It could likely be your lost document scan.

Check your scanning software's settings. Usually, this will be in the "Start" menu, under a program listing with the brand of your scanner. Launch the scanner utility software and edit the options in the utility to see what computer file path the scanner is sending documents to. Open that folder on your computer to locate your lost document scan.

Look for subfolders within the My Documents folder. Look for a folder labeled "My scans" or something like that. Also, check the Program Files directory for a folder labeled with the scanner brand. Look within this folder for a folder where your scanner may send scans by default.

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