How to Play an iPod in Your Car Without an AUX Jack

by Quinten Plummer

As a response to the MP3 player boom and the rise of Apple's iPod line, auxiliary ports became a choice option for connecting portable audio players to car stereo systems. But if your vehicle's stereo system lacks an auxiliary audio port, there are two alternatives for sending your iPod's music library through your vehicle's sound system. You can connect your iPod to your vehicle's stereo system via either cassette deck or FM radio.

Stereo Cassette Adapter


Set your car stereo's volume to "0."


Plug the cassette adapter's 1/8-inch audio connector into the headphone port on your iPod and insert the cassette into your stereo's cassette deck.


Maximize your iPod's volume and then raise your vehicle's stereo volume to your liking.

FM Transmitter


Plug your FM transmitter's iPod connector into your iPod's connector port and then insert the transmitter's lighter adapter into the lighter port on your vehicle's console. For a universal FM transmitter, plug the 1/8-inch connector into your iPod's headphone port.


Select an unused FM station on your car radio that has a strong and consistent stream of static. Reference your FM transmitter's range to ensure that the selected channel falls within its capabilities, as some FM transmitters work on a limited FM spectrum. Set your FM transmitter to utilize the selected FM radio station; the process differs depending on the transmitter, so consult the user guide for instructions.


Lower your stereo's volume to "0" and set your iPod's volume to 60 percent. Begin playing music on your iPod and adjust your stereo's volume to your taste.

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