MS SQL Tutorial for Beginners

by Virginia Grant

Learning to use Microsoft SQL may seem daunting, so it is best to start small and follow the logical steps. The secret is to start with a clear concept of what you want your database to accomplish.

MS SQL Server 2008

As of 2010, the current version of the Microsoft SQL Server is the 2008 version, code named Denali. It is available as a free trial download (see Resources). If you do not have the Microsoft SQL Server installed, you can download the trial version by clicking on the "Download Trial Version" and following the screen prompts. Installing and registering the trial version permits access to Microsoft's free online user tutorials and study guides.

Opening a Database

With the SQL Server installed and open, select the "File" tab, select a table to open and click on the file. The table will open and you will have the opportunity to make changes, create queries and add data.

Closing and Saving Your Work

When you have made your changes, sorted or added your data, save the file by clicking on the "File" tab and selecting "Save." You can find a selection of SQL commands on the site that will allow you to manipulate field size, query data, create and drop tables, and perform other SQL tasks (see Resources).

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