How to Make a Picture Collage on a Mac

by K.C. Winslow

Put your memories on display by creating an eye-catching picture collage from them on your Mac computer. Apple’s photo library management application, iPhoto, does not have the ability to create collages, as of the iPhoto ’09 edition. You have the option of using a program that includes the ability to create photo collages, or a program specifically designed for creating photo collages.


Make a picture collage on a Mac using the free application Shape Collage (see Resources). This program’s sole purpose is creating quick photo collages with a variety of output options. In addition to traditional collages, you can create a collage in specific shapes or letters.


Purchase the image-editing program Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac and use it to create a photo collage (see Resources). Photoshop Elements is similar to Photoshop, but oriented toward the home user rather than graphic design professionals. In the “Create” tab, under the “Projects” button, you can select to create a photo collage.


Create a picture collage on a Mac using Pages, part of the iWork suite of productivity applications. Pages is a word-processing application, but you can use it to lay out and scale images. The media browser allows you easy access to the images in your iPhoto library.

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