How to Make New Contact List in Yahoo!

by Jay Leon

Like many people, you probably have a mix of business and personal contacts. Contact lists help you keep them organized. With a contact list, you can address a message to a group of people at the same time without having to enter each of their names or addresses manually. If you need to find specific information about someone, a contact list makes it easier to find. In Yahoo! Mail, you can build a new list in just a few clicks.

Click the "Contacts" tab while you are signed in to your Yahoo! Mail account.

Click the "New List" button on the left pane above the current lists. This will open the "Create New List" dialog box.

Enter a name for the new list in the "List Name" field and click "OK."

Click a name in the middle pane where your saved contacts are listed. Drag the name to the new contact list to add the contact to that list.

Click the contact list. You should see the entries you just copied appear in the list.


  • check You can copy multiple contacts at the same time by pressing "Ctrl" as you click each name or by pressing "Shift" to select a range of names.

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