How to Improve PC Performance

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You can get more work done by optimizing your computer's performance.

You can get more work done by optimizing your computer's performance.

You can improve the performance of your PC in a variety of ways. Doing so can lengthen the PC's lifespan. If your PC is running too slow for your liking, there's no need to call a technician. You can increase performance without spending any money.


Run a virus and spyware scan every week. If you notice that your computer slows down and freezes up frequently, it may be infected. Some free programs for keeping infectious programs at bay are AVG Anti-Virus Free ( and Spybot Search & Destroy (


Update your computer's drivers frequently. Set Windows to do this automatically by clicking "Start" and typing "update" into the search box. Click "Windows Update" in the list of results. Click "Change settings" on the left side of the screen. Click "Install updates automatically (recommended)" under Important Updates.


Update your Web browser and delete cookies and history files. In Firefox, click "Tools" and then "Clear Recent History." Put check marks in the boxes for Browsing & Download History, Form & Search History and Cookies, and press "Clear Now." In Internet Explorer, click "Tools" and "Delete Browsing History." Check the boxes next to Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and History.


Give your hard drive special attention. Check for disk errors on your PC and defragment all your files. Click "Start" and type "clean disk" into the search box. Click "Disk Cleanup" in the results and walk through the onscreen instructions. After that, click "Start" and type "defragment" into the search box. Click "Disk Defragmenter" in the list of results and walk through the onscreen instructions to defragment your hard drive.


  • check Back up your work and save important files to a CD or DVD before improving performance.
  • check Running a disk defragmenter program each week is essential and highly recommended to improve PC performance.
  • check Clean inside your PC regularly. It's best to avoid excess buildup of dust inside and outside your PC, since this can cause great harm and interfere with computer performance.

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