How Do I Forward a Text Message to My Email Account From Verizon?

by John W. Smith

Sometimes you receive a text message that you want to save. You can keep it on your phone; however, some models have limits of how many texts can be stored on the device. If this is the case, you're required to delete texts to make space before the phone does it automatically. It's better to delete what you don't need than have the phone decide what you don't need. That funny text or photo isn't lost forever. You can simply forward the text to your email address for permanent storage.


Open the text message you want to forward. This exact process varies by phone model, but basically you open your messaging program or application, browse to the message to forward, press it or a button on your phone to bring up an options menu and select the option to forward the message.


Enter your email address in the "To" field. Normally a phone number would go here, but you can also add email addresses in this field.


Press the "Send" button on your phone to forward the text message to your email account. The text message will arrive as a new email.

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