How to Find an Email Address for Someone in the UK

by Greg Lindberg

Have you lost contact with someone who lives in the United Kingdom and you are looking for her email address? There are many methods available for finding someone on the Internet that include reverse email look-up providers, social networks (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) and searches that can be done directly through email providers.

Type the person's name into a search engine such as Google. This may direct you to some information for the person you are looking for, such as a blog or business website.

Search social networks. This is a popular method, as many people have an account with either Facebook or MySpace. Go to each one of these sites and simply search for the person. If you find him you should be able to request him as a friend and then see his email address.

Go to (see Resources), which is a search engine for people, businesses and maps in the UK. Type in the name of the person you are looking for and the result may show an address or telephone number. From here you can click to find more information, such as an email address, if it is provided.

Go to the Yahoo email search for the UK and Ireland (see Resources). This is a directory specific for Yahoo email users. If you think the person may have an email address or if you're not sure, it's always worth trying a search through this search engine. Type in the name of the person you are looking for in the search bar. Click on the UK-only radio button and then click on the search button to perform the search.


  • check Try utilizing pertinent information such as direct locations, street addresses and last name when performing your searches.