How to Download MP3 Rocket Free

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MP3 Rocket is a highly rated file-sharing program that allows you to download music, video and programs. The program is free to download and use. Only use it to download files you have the copyright owner's permission to download.


Navigate to the MP3 Rocket website or a secure download site like the one provided by CNET. Follow onscreen instructions to download.


Download MP3 Rocket anywhere you wish on your computer. Choose whether you would like MP3 Rocket to open when you turn your computer on or not. Follow onscreen instructions until the program has finished downloading on your computer.


Open MP3 Rocket and follow onscreen instructions to browse through audio, programs and videos that you can download.


  • close Make sure that you high quality and current antivirus software installed on your computer to protect against downloading files that may contain viruses.
  • close Only download files if you have the copyright holder's permission to do so.

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