How to Create a Fillable PDF Without Adobe

by Cooper Temple

Adobe Acrobat is a Portable Document Format (PDF) program that contains a variety of editing features, in addition to creating PDF files. One popular function is Acrobat's ability to create fillable forms using various forms tools. Without Acrobat, adding similar tools to PDF forms may be completed utilizing similar programs that are available for free. You may use these programs to create interactive forms for others to fill out.


Install a PDF writing program that has forms tools to your computer. While many PDF writing programs with this feature are available commercially, like Acrobat, there are several free options available. PDFill at, a free program, is used in the steps that follow, but Bullzip at and Nitro Reader at are also free and operate in a similar manner.


Launch the PDFill, and open the PDF document from which you want to create a fillable form. Click one of the available forms tools options on the toolbar, such as a text box.


Click once in an area of the PDF document that you want to make fillable, and drag the tool to a desired size while holding down the mouse button.


Adjust the field properties, if necessary. Right-click once inside the form field that you added, and select the "Properties" option. This action will launch a separate pop-up window. Use the available categories to adjust field properties, such as font, colr and field name. Click the "OK" button to save any changes.

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