How to Connect to a Proxy Server

by Greyson Ferguson

For Internet users looking to bypass network blockers, a proxy server is the perfect service to use. Network blockers disable access to specific websites. This is typically set up by the network administrator. Proxy servers bypass the settings created by a network by hiding the IP address of the computer; and by doing so, the network will not recognize the computer, and therefore not allow it through its settings.

Access a proxy server. Multiple links to proxy servers are provided in Resources.

Type the desired website you want to visit in the search bar of the proxy server. Adjust the settings of the proxy server by checking the box next to the option you would like active (such as "Remove All Cookies" and "Remove Cache").

Return back to the proxy server when you are finished with the website, if you want to search more sites anonymously. Once a new site is typed in the web browser's URL the proxy server will be left.

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