How to Clean Your LCD TV Naturally

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Cleaning your LCD is important and if you buy the cleaning solution you could be wasting a lot of money. A simple natural cleaner is really all you'll need to clean the screen on any LCD television with no muss and no fuss. Try this money saving at home remedy that will work as good as any store bought cleaner, and you'll be able to do this with a common kitchen substance that you have at home.


Wipe the screen first with a soft cotton cloth.


Add a small amount of vinegar to the cloth to clean any spots or dirt particles that won't wipe off with a dry cloth.


Dry the TV screen using a soft cloth. Repeat this procedure every time the LCD tv screen needs cleaning.


  • check Do not use a paper towel, it will scratch up the TV screen


  • close Do not use a paper towel, it will scratch up the TV screen

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