How to Check Account Balance On Virgin Mobile Phone

by eHow Contributor

When you have a cell phone, it is important to keep track of your account balance especially if you don't have unlimited plan. For virgin mobile phones, the below steps explain kinds of the account balance and how you can check them.

With virgin mobile phone, you have three types of balance, cash balance, minute balance and text messages balance, if you have text messages plan.

If you are on pay as you go plan such as 20 cent/min and do not buy minutes pack you are going to see your account balance as cash. You see it from your phone, just press the key which has a dollar sign. You can find it on the top of the keypad. Or you can access your account online at or call customer services,if you don't have this key on the phone, go to menu, my account.

If you are on a monthly plan or you buy minutes pack, you can check your account balance following the same way to check your cash balance.

If you have text messages plan you can know your balance by calling the customer services.

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