Can You Search for People via Their Email on Tumblr?

by Joshua Phillips

Tumblr enables you connect with your friends' blogs in a variety of ways, including finding other Tumblr users via an email address. There are two different ways you can follow people via email on Tumblr: having Tumblr search your email account and connecting your contacts' email addresses to registered Tumblr users, or following Tumblr users directly using an email address of a registered Tumblr user. To perform either action, you must know the appropriate Tumblr website and have your own Tumblr account.

Search Email Contacts


Navigate to Tumblr's Lookup website (link in Resources) and sign into your Tumblr account.


Click your email account provider from the tabs at the top of the screen. For example, click "Gmail" to search for Tumblr contacts via your Gmail account. An external website opens with instructions specific to your browser. Follow the instructions and any email addresses that correspond to Tumblr accounts display on the Lookup screen.


Click "Follow" next to any Tumblr user on the Lookup screen to follow that user's Tumblr account. Alternatively, click that user's name to view his Tumblr page.

Follow Via Email Address


Open Tumblr's Following website (link in Resources).


Enter the email address of the Tumblr user you want to follow into the field at the top of the screen.


Click "Follow" to follow that user if the email address corresponds to a valid Tumblr account.


  • check You can also use the Lookup Contacts page to find Tumblr users through your Facebook account.

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