How Can I View the Calls Made & Received for Last Month in Verizon Wireless?

by Maxwell Payne

Verizon Wireless offers customers the ability to access and view previous cell phone bills online for the previous six months. Included in these billing statements are records of all incoming and outgoing phone calls for the billing cycle. This is useful if you want to track minutes used, see which numbers were called the most or monitor a teen's phone usage. While it may take a few days for the most recent billing statement to become available, once available it can be accessed as many times as needed in the next six months.


Go to and click the "My Verizon" tab in the upper right-hand corner to log on to your account and view your account information.


Enter your username and password and choose "Sign In." If you have not previously registered your online account, you will need to select "Create New Account" and provide your billing address and cell phone number.


Click on the "My Bill" tab once logged in. Scroll down the selections until you see "Billing Statements" under "My Bill."


Locate the "Billing Period" drop box and click on it to expose a drop-down menu showing the statements for the past six billing periods. Click on the the billing period you want to view.


Select the "View and Print" option. A PDF file will be downloaded that you can view in your Web browser or PDF viewer. You can also print a paper copy.


Look through the billing statement for the "Voice Calls" or "Call Records" section. You will see columns of previous calls, including information about whether the call was incoming or outgoing, the time and duration of call, and the telephone number.


  • check If you want to have records available to you further back than 6 months consider accessing your My Verizon account monthly and printing out or saving a PDF file of each billing statement for later reference.
  • check You can also scroll through your phone's past call directory to see the past few dozen calls by pressing your phone's "dial" button and scrolling down the list of recent calls.

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